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Hotel Covid -19 Prevention Procedures

Dear guests,

According to the instructions of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Ministry of health, the following precautionary measures are applied in our hotel to prevent the Corona virus spreading and eliminate any potential hazard. Thank you for your understanding.

Kindly find below the procedures, which are currently taken:

In the Lobby Area:

1. A Sanitization machine for the Guest's luggage before the security gate at the main entrance of the hotel.

2. Sanitization with chlorine for the shoes of Guests before passing through the security gate.

3. A hotel team member to measure the guest's temperature after passing through the gate.

4.  A hotel team member provided with Alcohol purifier with a concentration of 70% to sanitize the Guest's hands after passing through the security gate.

5.  Face Masks and gloves to be given to the Guest before moving to the reception area.

6. Signs drawn on the ground to indicate the standing places for guests to separate and maintain safe distances.

7. A box with sanitized pens for the Guest use.

8. Sanitizing the pens immediately after the Guest use.

9. Sterilization of the surface used to fill the registration forms after each use individually.

11. Signs about ways to prevent the spread of infection in the reception area.

12. Dispensers with sanitizer in different places for continuous sanitization of the guest while on the move in the hotel.

14. Full sanitization of the reception area, especially the highly contact areas such as corridors, the reception area, stairs, furnishings, surfaces, and public baths every hour as a maximum, with the prescribed sterilizers.

In the guest rooms:

1. The requirements are announced on our website to inform you about them before arriving to the hotel.

2. The room capacity not to exceed two adults (one child in family rooms).

3. Sanitizers (dispenser) in the corridors between rooms.

4. The c/out rooms will be closed for 48 hours after full sanitization.

5. Wiping all surfaces and tables with sanitizers.

6. Steam sanitization and cleaning for the furniture.

7. Sanitizing all knobs, switches and remote control (remote control devices).

8. Sanitizing balconies and windows.

9. Mirrors to be wiped and wash the sinks with detergents in chlorine proportions suitable for sanitization.

10. Sanitizing all the bathroom accessories with alcohol (70% concentration).

11. Sanitizing the glasses in the guest room.

12. Housekeeping services upon request or every 48 hours.

13. sanitizing the rooms using the POSI trolley and follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

14. Rooms to be opened and ventilated before starting with anything.

15. The waste from the same room is collected with a waste bag, attached and put into another bag, and the same step is followed for bathroom waste and disposed of.

16. All guest supplies and towels to be placed in the guest room without any direct

17. Changing the gloves between each task performed and not repeating tasks in the same fields (from the room to the bathroom or vice versa).

18.  Floors to be sanitized with chlorine as the last stage before the houseman leaves the room as a precautionary measure, preventing anyone from entering after that except the Guest himself.

In the restaurants:

1. Sanitizers at the entrance of the restaurant.

2. Measuring the guests’ temperatures before entering the restaurant.

3. Guiding signs (paper points on the floors) in front of the restaurant door in order to regulate entry and maintain safe distances.

4. One table has a maximum of 4 chairs.

5. Table for the larger family, 6 chairs max.

6.  2 meters between tables.

7. Chairs with a distance of one and a half meters between each chair.

8. Forks, knives and spoons in are placed in covers.

9. Laying a tablecloth for the table, which is disposed of immediately after the completion of the service.

10.A napkin of alcohol to sanitize the hands again.

11. Disposable spoons, forks and knives once the Guest requests it.

12. The menus are packaged with plastic wrap .

13. The lists are sanitized after each use with official sterilizers.

14.Food to be served on the table without moving the guest from his table.

In the main kitchen and staff cafeteria:

1. Only 2 chairs for each table with fixed distances.

2. Guiding signs (red paper dots on the floors) over the serving area to maintain the distances.

3. Sanitizers in the entrances to the cafeteria.

4.  A board with general information to control and prevent the spread of the virus.

5. Daily temperature measurement for workers.

6. A separate housing for the employees of the hotel.


7. In the main kitchen:

1. Information board with general information to prevent the spread of the virus.

2. An alarm that works every hour to remind the necessity of changing the gloves and masks, washing hands with soap and sterilization for all kitchen employees.

3. The same store is not used with many different tasks.

4. Continuous sterilization of all surfaces internally during and after any operation that is performed inside the kitchen.

5. Convert doors with knobs to doors pushed on the shoulder.

In The Laundry:

1. Sanitizers on the doorways of the Laundry.

2. Separating those in charge of operations inside (that the person who puts the laundry in the sink is different from the one who receives the washing from the washing machine immediately after washing it, different from the one who does the ironing, different from the one who performs the application).

3. Applying the highest permissible temperatures.

4. Use sterilizers and detergents prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

5. Not to allow workers outside the laundry to enter the laundry, and hand them over to clothes from a designated window.

6. The points of delivery of unwashed Items are sanitized and treated with care.

7. Sterilization of delivery points for washed and sterile Items.

8. Providing closed bags for the linen.

9. Sterilize the floors and surfaces of the washbasin at least every hour in a clear and written system.

In The clinic:

1. A fully equipped clinic in the hotel.

2. A hotel doctor staying in the hotel.

3. A breathing apparatus.

4. Oxygen cylinders.

5. A shock device.

6. Alcohol dispensers at the clinic entrance and inside the clinic.

7. Sterilization and disinfection of the tools after each detection, using alcohol wipes.

8. Use a single-use bedspread with a detection bed.

In the Swimming pool and on the beach:

1. Use the maximum chlorine concentration (5 mg / L) and bromine (10 mg / L).

2. Cleaning the area surrounding the beach and the pool including tables, decks, chairs and deck after each guest.

3. Cleaning the area around the beach and pool from tables, deck chairs and deck chairs after the end of the operating time.

4. Two meters between the sun beds.

5. Deliver beach towels in rooms to reduce contact points.


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