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The pride of Sharm El Sheikh, the Jolie Ville Resort & Casino Congress Center is the world-class facility built on 3000 m2 of land, and consists of 7 halls, the largest accommodating up to 550 persons. All halls are fully equipped with all the advanced technological meeting facilities, and have been the venue for many local, regional and international events and visited by numerous dignitaries and heads of states.

Providing the finest quality and services, the Jolie Ville Resort & Casino is offering a range of audiovisual and other amenities to ensure you stay connected with your business anytime, anywhere:

  • Beamers
  • Projection screens
  • PA systems
  • Flipcharts and corkboards

  • Podiums and microphone system 

  • Overhead projectors

  • Wireless internet available in all meeting rooms

Meeting Rooms at a Glance

Why not choose Jolie Ville Resort & Casino for your next big event with our wide variety of elegant and modern furnished meeting rooms, and a dedicated management team who will help you to set your desire mood to reach your event to a real success.

Meeting Room Sinai Peninsula Ball Room Taba Nabq Nweiba VIP Boardroom Al Tor VIP Boardroom Dahab VIP Boardroom Tiran
Location First Floor Ground Floor Ground Floor Ground Floor First Floor First Floor First Floor
Size 476 m2 73 m2 75m2 95m2 71m2 31m2 55m2
Dimensions (length, width and height) L 24 m²
W 24 m²
H 5 m²
L 10.25 – 8.25 m²
W 4 - 8 m²
H 3 m²
L 9.50 m²
W 8 m²
H 3 m²
L 12 m²
W 7.75m²
H 3 m²
L 9.50 m²
W 7.5 m²
H 3 m²
L 7 m²
W 4.5 m²
H 3 m
L 8 m²
W 7 m²
H 3 m²
Capacities Between 95 and 550 Between 15 and 70 Between 15 and 75 Between 19 and 100 Between 14 and 45 Between 6 and 15 Between 10 and 25
Theatre 550 Persons 70 Persons 75 Persons 100 Persons 45 Persons 15 Persons 25 Persons
Classroom 220 Persons 28 Persons 28 Persons 40 Persons 20 Persons - -
Banquet 110 Persons 18 Persons 19 Persons 24 Persons 18 Persons 8 Persons 12 Persons
U Shape 95 Persons 15 Persons 15 Persons 19 Persons 14 Persons 6 Persons 10 Persons
Pre function (Available / N/A) Available Available Available Available Available Available Available

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