Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants & Bars

Live a culinary experience in our restaurants

The philosophy behind our restaurants is to keep it simple and honest. When possible.

Orangerie Restaurant

Indulge in a little bit of everything with a buffet of diverse assortments for the famous Jolie Ville breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Space will not be an issue, as the Orangerie Restaurant seats a combined capacity of 390 guests in its interior area and outdoor terrace. 

Opening Hours: - 07:00 - 10:00 AM
- 12:30 - 03:00 PM
- 07:00 - 10:00 PM

Seats: - 310 in door
- 80 terrace
- 390 total

Offer: - Breakfast buffet
- Lunch theme buffet
- Dinner theme buffet

Zigolini Italian Restaurant

Zigolini presents an evening of authentic Italian cuisine that includes a fine selection of Antipasti and hot pizzas fired in a wood oven. Wash down your meal with a zesty drink courtesy of the standard beverage card. With a stretching outdoor terrace overlooking the swimming pool, Zigolini conjures a delightful atmosphere that guarantees a truly Bella Notte. 

Opening Hours: - 07:00-11:00 PM

Seats: - 180 seat

Offer: - Selection of Antipasti & Pizzas from wood fired oven
- typical Italian cuisine
- Standard beverage card

Lebanese Beach BBQ Restaurant

Beachside barbeques blend beautifully with an ocean breeze, becoming a Lebanese night to remember. Choose between a mix of meat and seafood items, charcoal grilled to tender perfection. Rounding up the meal is a selection of Lebanese favorites, as well as the standard beverage options. An intimate gathering fit for 80 guests. 

Opening Hours: - 07:00 - 10:30 PM

Seats: - 80 seat

Offer: - Lebanese food and Charcoal grilled fish & meat items
- Standard beverage card

Seagull Bar

The Seagull Bar is the place to be! Enjoy some live entertainment with your favorite standard beverages while mingling in the indoor area and outer terrace. 

Opening Hours: - 06:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Seats: - 48 seats indoors
- 200 seats in the terrace

Offer: - Standard Beverage card
- Live Entertainment with Show

Pool Terrace

There is no need to leave the pool for refreshments. The Pool Terrace expands upon the standard beverages with cocktails and international drinks offers. Paired with a light lunch courtesy of the snack menu, the poolside lounging experience is complete. 

Opening Hours: - 10:00 AM - sunset

Offer: - Choice local and international beverages
- Cocktails
- Snacks and lunch

La Fleur “French Restaurant''

Main Building

Occupying both an indoor space and open-air terrace in the main building, La Fleur sets a classy evening atmosphere with a sublime French menu that includes delectable desserts and the Jolie Ville’s standard set of beverages. The space can seat a total capacity of approximately 58 guests, uniting them through the art of fine dining. 

Opening Hours: - 06:30 - 10:00 PM

Seats: - 34 indoor
- 24 terraces

Offer: - French fine dining selections
- Dessert
- Standard beverages

La Petite Orangerie

La Petite Orangerie brings a personal touch with private lunches and dinners for groups of up to 56 guests. The Jolie Ville signature breakfast is also available by request, as well as the hotel’s standard beverage selection. 


Seats: - 56 indoor
- 56 outdoor

Offer: - Jolie Ville Breakfast
- Standard beverage card
- Lunch and dinner

64 Bar


A casual rest-stop ideal for daytime get-togethers, the 64 Bar offers the hotel’s standard selection of drinks along with a sunny vibe for up to 34 persons. 


Opening Hours: - 09:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Seats: - 20 indoor
- 30 outdoor

Offer: - Standard Beverages

Beach Bar

Happy hour comes twice a day at the Jolie Ville Beach bar. Connect to the Red Sea vibes with sandwiches, snacks, cocktails, and the hotel’s standard selection of beverages. Regular and high tables both available. 

Opening Hours: - 10:00 AM - 10:30 PM

Oriental Cafe

Get in touch with the roots of Egyptian leisure at the Oriental Cafe, a comfortable spot to lounge with shisha and coffee specialties. The hotel’s standard beverages and signature cocktails are also available. 


Opening Hours: - 6:00 PM to 11:30 PM

Seats: - 30 seats

Offer: -Shisha
-Cocktail beverages
-Coffee specialities

Pavilion Bar

The Pavilion Bar is a great place for making small-talk and deeper connections over drinks and a light lunch. Select your favorites from the snack and standard beverage menus, then pair them with cocktails and international drinks. 


Opening Hours: - 10:00 - sunset

Offer: - Choice local and international beverages
- Cocktails
- Snacks and lunch

Room Service “24 hours”

Indulge yourself with 24-hours access to breakfast and international food menu items through room service. Enjoy a quiet meal in comfort and convenience.